Complete Confidentiality

Many people who have got into difficulty with alcohol do not wish for others to be aware of that. Some feel that their job may be at risk, their reputation could be damaged or they simply want to keep their issues private.

We will always maintain complete confidentiality. Tranquillity is in a discreet location with no signage to indicate that the people staying there are dealing with an alcohol problem.

We will never confirm a client's presence to an unknown caller on the telephone or at the door, we will never discuss your care, without good reason, with those who are not involved and whom you have not agreed to have involved.

All clients will sign a contract which includes a clause forbidding them to reveal the identities of other clients at Tranquillity. Photography and videoing is banned unless permission has been sought from any person who would be visible in the resulting images.

We ask that you allow us to communicate with your own General Practitioner and any other healthcare professionals who may need to be consulted during your stay with us.

We also encourage you to inform your next of kin about where you are and why, we won't breach confidentiality if you refuse but we would rather not have a nationwide search going on because nobody you know has a clue where you have disappeared to.

There are circumstances where we are unable to maintain confidentiality. If a serious crime has been committed by you, or if we believe that there is a high risk of this, if you become mentally ill to the point of needing to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act or if you suffer a medical condition which needs urgent medical intervention. In these circumstances, we would only disclose information on a need to know basis.