Extended Alcohol Recovery Programme

This 10 day course is for anyone who knows they are dependant upon alcohol and really do want to do something about it.

This course will also particularly suit anyone who has just had or recently undergone an alcohol detox.

The course is a combination of three other courses that we offer:

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4

Recognise And Manage Stressful Situations (3 Days) Understand The Way You Are (3 Days) Change The Way You are And How To Set Goals (4 Days)

The goals of this course are to:

  1. Establish the situations that affect you. (Course 2)
  2. Prioritise and classify your situations. (Course 2)
  3. Learn a practical way to organise and manage your situations. (Course 2)
  4. Gain an awareness of why you react rather than act. (Course 3)
  5. Gain an awareness of how your own mind works. (Course 3)
  6. Gain a perception as to why you made the decisions you made during the course. (Course 3)
  7. Start to understand your own potential. (Course 3)
  8. Learn how to utilise the skills you were born with. (Course 4)
  9. Gain an awareness of your environmental influences. (Course 4)
  10. Learn how to avoid negative energy & influences. (Course 4)
  11. Learn how to tap into positive energy and set personal goals. (Course 4)
  12. Understand what you personally need to change and why. (Course 4)
  13. Understand where you are starting from and where you are going to. (Course 4)

The 14th but primary goal of this special course is to make you feel totally comfortable in environments where other people may have a drink or two but you don’t and what's more don’t even notice or give it a second thought.

Your course mentor will know just how you feel and will have been there, done that & got the t-shirt.

This course does not include the detox itself and, if detox is required, it would be most beneficial following a detox. Tranquillity will assess whether or not you require an alcohol detox.