Client-Led Alcohol Detox Programme

Alcohol Detox Mission Statement

Here at Tranquillity, we offer a 'Client-led Alcohol Detoxification Programme.' This means that we allow you to be involved in deciding how this detox will be carried out.

Many alcohol treatment facilities insist that you adhere to strict rules and regulations while in their care. These can include a ban on telephone calls, letters, visits from family, internet access and pretty much any communication with the outside world.

We are not critical of this way of working and some people, particularly those whose life has become very disorganised and messy, certainly need a rigid structure to their treatment. However, this strict approach is not necessary for all people who wish to stop drinking and, if you have been assessed as suitable for our detox programme, we will have established that you should be allowed some control over the choices you take during treatment.

There are, of course, house rules which are there to ensure that all of our clients are comfortable and have the highest chance of successful treatment possible. These relate to respect and consideration of others and, of course, no drinking, illicit drug taking or possession of either alcohol or drugs while at the retreat.

You will not be told that you cannot communicate with anybody, although we may identify, with you, people who may have a detrimental effect on the success of your treatment and agree a plan to ensure treatment is not jeopardised for you.

While you may be drowsy in the early stages of alcohol detox, we understand if you feel you need to answer business e-mails or even make calls. Wifi will be available. You should not expect to be able to do anything too taxing in the first few days, so it's probably best not to have that Skype call to agree a big contract for at least a week after arriving.

Your alcohol detox will be clinically supervised by a qualified nurse with experience in this field of practice. The nurse will be contactable at all times throughout your detox but not always on the premises. Support workers will always be present and they can help you with various things, contacting the qualified nurse on your behalf if that is deemed necessary.

While undergoing alcohol detox, it is important that you consider how you will proceed after your body is free of alcohol. Despite a detox, you will find that there are times when you crave a drink and will need to have coping mechanisms to deal with that. Staff will work with you to establish the best ways for you. There are also ongoing medical treatments which can help you but it is important for you to realise that, ultimately, success depends on your own determination and will.

Every client we treat is an individual with differing needs. It is important, if we are going to give you the best help we can, that you are honest about your situation. We can then ensure that you are given the most relevant support to deal with the issues you are facing.

During the first week of alcohol detox it would be inappropriate for you to drive as the medication you will be taking can cause drowsiness. As car parking space is also very limited we ask that you don't have your car with you while you undergo treatment. Please make alternative travel arrangements.

The purpose of taking medication during alcohol detox is to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Stopping drinking without medical support, when you are physically dependent on alcohol can not only be very uncomfortable but also dangerous. The medication we give makes it comfortable and safe. We ask that you continue drinking steadily until midnight the night before you are due to arrive here. This does not mean 'one last massive binge' because we will be unable to admit you if you are drunk, even if this is from the previous night's drinking. It just ensures that you don't start to suffer serious withdrawal symptoms before we can give you medication. We understand that you may still have a small amount of alcohol in your body when you arrive and that will not be a problem. We will not, however, start you on the medication until there is no risk of a reaction between that and alcohol which remains in your body.

You will have already completed an assessment which was either face-to-face or over the telephone. This will have identified you as suitable for the treatment we offer in our treatment facility. We will already have a good idea about the issues you face. However, on arrival for your first day with us, we will carry out a more detailed assessment with you and work with you to plan your care during your stay with us. It is possible that you may not be up to this immediately, in which case, we will get you started on your medication and come back to the assessment when you are feeling a little better.

The all-inclusive retreat you will be staying at is very peaceful and was purpose-designed to provide the ideal environment in which to stop drinking, it will provide everything that you need. We are extremely flexible about things like meal times, sleeping times etc. and you will be asked to choose your favourite foods and soft drinks before you arrive.

If you are a tobacco smoker we advise you not to plan on stopping whilst you are undergoing treatment. To this end, although smoking is not permitted indoors, the retreat has excellent outdoor smoking facilities which are both lit and heated. Having said that, you may be surprised how little you actually end up smoking.

To check if you are likely to need alcohol detox, you can get an indication by completing our online questionnaire designed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Instructions to calculate your score are at the bottom of the questionnaire.

Download Adobe Reader free Severity of Alcohol Dependent Questionnaire [ SADQ ]