Tranquillity Alcohol Detox Programme

Tranquillity is a peaceful retreat at a discreet location in Wiltshire, an ideal location to get away from the stresses in your life and focus on yourself for a change. An ideal place to start the process of changing your life to live without alcohol.

Physical alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction is an extremely difficult problem for a person to deal with. However with the right medical help and psychological support, many people succeed in overcoming their alcohol problem and go on to lead successful productive lives.

Here at Tranquillity, you can undergo an alcohol detox where you have control. It's your life, you make the decisions and live with the outcomes and you know yourself better than anybody else does.

Traditionally, residential alcohol detox is done in a clinic where you are stripped of everything, including communication with the outside world and decisions are not your own, you are expected to fit in with the programme and are expected to take part in group sessions where you expose your inner-feelings. This works very well for a lot of people but, for those that simply need to stop drinking and don't have a completely chaotic life, it can feel humiliating.

At Tranquillity, you call the shots regarding your own alcohol treatment programme. We will agree with you a plan which is tailored to your own individual needs. If being in contact with your family and friends is essential to you, you can be. If you want to hide away and have a total break from everything and everybody, that is fine too. If you need to carry on working because you run your own business and nobody else will pick up the work, you can do that. We call this a Client-Led Detoxification Programme.

While at Tranquillity Alcohol Detox Programme, we want you to feel at home and there are no strict rules and regulations. The only rules we have are those which are required to ensure the comfort of all clients and those which are necessary to maintain a safe environment.

We have a manager with personal experience of how drinking can get out of control and the effects that can have on your life. We also have support staff who will allow you to talk as much, or as little, about your issues as you like.

Every person is an individual with his/her own needs and preferences and we all recognise that at Tranquillity. We will support you in dealing with the issues you face without judgement, allowing you to make the choices which are best for you. Obviously, we will guide you in ensuring that the choices you make give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Confidentiality is something we take very seriously. You may not want people to know that you are undergoing alcohol detox. We understand that and your presence with us is completely confidential.

As well as alcohol detox, we offer an Extended Alcohol Recovery Programme which you may like to take advantage of after you have physically withdrawn from alcohol.